Sunday, August 15, 2010

Genderqueer Canadians? I think yes.

Lucas Silveira of The Cliks at the June 2008 P...Image via Wikipedia
I must reccomend the Canadian music group, The Cliks, to all people who have ears. Why are they relevant to this blog, though? Aside from their pure awesomeness in all things rock, they are led by transman Lucas Silveira and backed by two absolute bombshell genderbending lesbians. Doesn't get much better than that, kids.
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  1. The first time that I had ever heard of them was while watching Logo one night. This is what the music industry needs to see more of.

  2. The lead singer looks so much like a guy and sounds so much like a girl - it must be a very surreal experience seeing him(him? her?) sing live.

  3. Him. The reason that he sounds so feminine is that he was born female but refuses to take testosterone because he does not know how it will affect his voice (and ultimately his career).