Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Swingsets and Photographs

As of late my school work has been suffering, and those of you who know me will likely think it's because I am lazy and easily distracted (which is partly true), BUT I am going embrace immaturity and place the blame on a lovely poet/activist by the name of Andrea Gibson. Ze is a genderbending artist who will literally steal your breath away. Hir work is achingly beautiful, but somehow also hilarious. (I can't tell if my personal favorite is the witty and funny "Swingset" or the spoken-word masterpiece that is "Photograph", but I assure you, if you listen to one of hir poems, you will never stop listening). Look hir up on YouTube or on hir personal website I promise it will be worth it.


  1. Guess what Olivia just saw her in Portland. Too bad Roanoke isn't as cool.

    Loved reading the blog! Go CORI!

  2. "Hir". Fantastic. Another pronoun for 9th graders to misuse, mispronounce and misspell.

  3. Kelly, don't judge the 9th graders when you, yourself, cannot spell.