Friday, July 16, 2010

What the hell is genderqueer?

My friends joke about this picture and say, "Look, it's Cori and her twin brother." They're kind of right. I won't bore you with the confusing details of my childhood, but I feel I must say that I have always felt pressured to act as either a boy or a girl, and I have never fully been either. Yes, my birth certificate says that I am a girl. Yes, I was raised as a girl. Yes, I consider myself a lesbian for lack of a better word. But, recently, I have decided to become a person without gender. How is this done? I suppose we'll find out together. The term I have heard for my decision is "genderqueer." What a wonderful way to start a stereotype! My friends, though many are homosexual, mostly think that this is a very strange decision. I do not. Growing up, I never did the things girls did. I have always been more of a tomboy. However, though trying in vain to force myself into both male and female gender roles, I never felt like I was a boy either. So what am I? Maybe I'll be a person.

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